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A special issue entitled 'Animal Assisted Interventions and Activites for Health and Wellbeing' will consider accepted abstracts of this conference for publication. 


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The conference has now taken place. This website will now be modified to become a resource hub for our community.

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These sponsors supported the 2016 conference. We are seeking further sponsorship to drive the events and Think Tank moving forward.

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Animal Welfare: The Human Element



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Resource hub and community webpage

The First International Conference on Human Behaviour Change for Animal Welfare took place 19-21st September 2016 in Dorking, Surrey, UK.

This conference was the first of its kind in a field that is rapidly becoming recognized as a vital part of animal welfare work. Projects are moving away from the traditional approaches of providing a service (e.g. veterinary care, training, or hands-on assistance) or awareness campaign and towards human-centered approaches that generate sustainable change.

To read more about what we mean by 'human behaviour change 'click here'.

The conference included keynote presentations on human behaviour change theory and case studies as well as talks selected from submitted abstracts. This website will now become a resource hub for HBCAW information.  

Aims of HBCAW website:

  • To highlight the importance of human behaviour change (HBC) in animal welfare work.
  • To educate on core elements of HBC theory.
  • To facilitate discussion and sharing of information and experience of HBC for animal welfare.
  • To encourage embedding of HBC in inter-sectoral collaboration, innovation and policy. 
  • To explore novel methods for the monitoring and evaluation of HBC approaches and provide evidence-based information illustrating its value.